Barnet Police reach out to the Iranian community celebrating their Iranian New Year.

Sunday 3rd April saw the continuing celebration of the Iranian New Year as over 800 Iranians gathered in North London to celebrate 13 Bedar a traditional day in which families gather in parks and open spaces to have picnics and barbeques.

Barnet Borough saw Police Officers, MSC Officers, SNT and Traffic units attend the event at Barnet Football Club as part of the Metropolitan Police commitment to building community relations. The police attendance was organised by PC Shirvin Zeinalzadeh and was aimed at creating stronger links between the Metropolitan Police and the 300 000 strong Iranian community in the UK.

Photo of police and Iranians

PC Zeinalzadeh said, ‘This is an excellent opportunity for the community and the Metropolitan Police to come together and become acquainted. It is important that the police embrace the diverse communities that London enjoy  By building bridges and making connections, I hope that this can lead to a fruitful relationship  between the Iranian population and the police’..

The event which saw families enjoying traditional Iranian food, BBQ’s and live DJ music was a great success, and was further highlighted by the distribution of Metropolitan Police ‘goodie bags’ as well as a special treat for the younger generation in which a traffic unit attended, and gave an opportunity for the children to sit in the driving seat of a police car.

PC Zeinalzadeh used the event to introduce himself as Iranian liaison officer, and promote the potential of organising regular community / police meetings as an opportunity for Iranians to raise their concerns to police, and also to maintain an ongoing relationship for future events.

The event was organised by the Iranian School in London, and the head teacher Mrs. Tahery said ‘I am happy that the police attended this event, many of the children used to be scared of police, but their presence, kindness and the chance to sit in a police car really made a difference.”

Photo of children playing in a police car

[Editor’s note: Although not Finchley news, I have included this as I thought it might be of interest to show how Barnet Police are reaching out to the community. I wish more ethnic groups would join our editorial team so we could be more representative.]

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