There we were, worrying about a lack of comments – when I saw this!

The editor - photoBy Andrew Taylor – editor

Although our readership is over 1,500 unique visitors in any one month period, I was always worried about the lack of comments made by the general public.

However, I logged onto the website of the (Hendon and) Finchley Times this morning and found something that gladdened my heart.


Chart from the Hendon and Finchley Times

Hendon Times chart

It seems that it is not only our newspaper which has a lack of interaction with our readers. The following chart shows the audited circulation of the Hendon Times.


Hendon times coverage

Hendon Times coverage

We can see from the above chart that they have approximately nine times more readers than us, so if we divide 27 (from the first chart) by nine (how much more circulation than us), we arrive at the figure three. Which is about how many comments we get to our articles a month.

This can only mean that the majority of people are happy with their lot in Finchley? Or does it?


2 Responses to “There we were, worrying about a lack of comments – when I saw this!”

  1. Maggie Airey Says:

    As far as the Hendon Times is concerned, and the Finchley Press too, I read a paper copy and don’t need to look at their website. I suspect this is true of a lot of people. I write letters to them in my head but the points I would make are usually made by others.
    Similarly, I read all your posts. I have commented, once I think, but no discussion seemed generated by this. I talk about the local news with family and friends.

  2. ampersfa Says:

    Hi Maggie,

    Thank you for your comment, it would be nice of more people joined in. Now and again we offer prizes and you have just won one of these. Email me with your address and I will drop a video in your letterbox.

    Andrew Taylor

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