Knives, Cashpoints and Champagne – and 44 months in prison!

Jason Blakeley, born 27th November 1991 from Ballards Lane (no closer address can be given for identification of victim purposes) has been found guilty of GBH, kidnap and robbery and sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court on Friday 8th April 2011, to 44 months in prison.

The case refers to an incident on November 5, 2010 on Ballards lane between 10 and 10:55 pm where he stabbed a man twice before forcing him to a cash point and demanding money before using the same money to pay the victim for Blakeley’s rent..

The background of the case is the victim lending Blakeley £20 on the promise of some cheap cigarettes in early November.

The subsequent day Blakeley claimed to have lost the money and did not have cigarettes but invited the victim into his own flat. While there Blakeley asked the victim for another £10 but this was declined.

Blakeley became agitated at this and accused him of speaking to other people at about him.

The victim denied all knowledge and headed back to his flat, but at this point Blakeley has barged past him into the flat and demanded to know where the victim’s cash card was before looking for a kitchen knife in the victims draws.

On being asked to leave he found a knife and stabbed the victim in both legs during a struggle as well as hitting him in the face several times and strangled.

Having been stabbed the second time the victim realised his life was in danger and he handed over his card.

Blakeley stopped the assault before forcing Blakeley out of the house with the knife to his back up to a cash point nearby (then forgets the card, returns home and again to the cash point) where they withdraw £170 of cash.

Blakeley then takes the victim into a shop where he buys some cigarettes, some champagne and gives the victim £50 back supposedly for his rent before returning to the flat.

The victim later made his own way to hospital in a taxi where he was treated for a broken cheek and two stab wounds when hospital staff alerted police.

Blakeley was arrested and charged with GBH, kidnap and robbery and remanded in custody.

He has 12 previous convictions from 18 offences including possession of cannabis, public order, robbery, theft of motor vehicle, criminal damage, assault, using violence to enter a premises, aggravated taking and driving away, shoplifting and failing to comply with a community sentence.

Blakely was sentenced to 2 years for GBH, 30 months for kidnap and 3 years for robbery all of which is to run concurrent – in total he is sentence to 3 years. An earlier sentence of aggravated vehicle taking was reactivated for which he got 8 months to run consecutive to the offences in this trial – total 44 months.

The officer in charge of the case, DS Dan Quigley said: “Blakeley is a dangerous individual who could have killed the victim through his actions, and the length of this sentence reflects that.”

“The idea of stabbing someone twice before forcing them to walk down the road in public to get cash from an ATM and them taking them to a shop shows that Blakeley doesn’t just have a complete disregards for human life and the law, but also a complete lack of care as to whether he gets caught.”

A summary of the comments from Judge Brown are as follows:

“We have heard the evidence from [the victim] who struck me as a vulnerable and harmless young man. Your violence that evening was unpredictable, vicious and cruel. You went into his room after 9pm, picked up a knife and attacked [him] because you lost your temper. You punched him in the face and stabbed him twice.

“Having softened him up in that way you took him by knife point to a cash point. At this point you committed kidnap. It wasn’t a long kidnap but it was a humiliating and frightening experience for [him]. You then stole money from him before lavishing the money on alcohol and cigarettes. A wholly humiliating experience for [the victim]”

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