A nice walk in the country… Country? No this is Finchley!

Over the next week or two I am going to show you that you don’t have to go into the country to enjoy a lovely Summers day walk. Here are some photos, but first, a map and directions.

Map for Dollis BrookFrom West Finchley station, walk down Fursby Avenue, past Brent Way but before the roundabout, there is an entrance into Dollis Brook walk on your left. After you pass by some rather large allotments, the “countryside begins.

There is another approach, and this is from Nether Street, next to Finchley Way. The first two pictures are from this approach, the others are on the walk after crossing the bridge and turning right. (Although you can also turn left and continue for quite a way.)

Picture of Dollis Brook walk

Picture of Dollis Brook walkPicture of Dollis Brook walkPicture of Dollis Brook walkPicture of Dollis Brook walk

If anyone knows of open spaces in N12, please let me know and I will photograph them for this series. andrew.taylor@finchleyarrow.co.uk


4 Responses to “A nice walk in the country… Country? No this is Finchley!”

  1. Pat Dunnill Says:

    it is unfortunate that your map does not show “Lover’s Walk” – this is a pleasant route, avoiding cars and houses, from Ballards Lane (near Superdrug) crossing Nether Street to the entrance between Lansdowne Avenue and Finchley Way. There are, of course, buses along Ballards Lane (and Nether street) but it’s a steep climb back up!

  2. ampersfa Says:

    Yes, I use Lovers Walk daily, but with luck, your description will aid others in finding it.

    I think Google Maps only show streets.

  3. sarah Says:

    I have never walked along this part of the brook, I live in N3 so tend to aim for the stretch down the road from me which runs along the bottom of Windsor Open Space and beyond. Recently have had wonderful nature sightings; kingfisher, Blackcap, Goldcrests, Nuthatch, Waxwings, Grey Wagtails, Tits, Wrens, White and Peacock butterflies, bees and many others. I am always meaning to explore other parts of the brook so I will follow your directions and head there at the start of next week!

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