Wanted – not considered too dangerous, and believed to be hiding out in Finchley

Hoody Doody
Age 14
Black & White with a black tail
No collar

Originally her name was ‘Houdini’ because she disappeared as a kitten.Her minders couldn’t understand how she could have got out as the kitchen door was shut! After taking the kitchen apart she was eventually found behind and inside the workings of the fridge.

Somehow her name evolved into Hoody Doody? And has her own song ‘hoody doody doo’ to the music of Tom Thumb.

She was being looked after by a foster carer when she escaped from the garden. And, although an indoor cat her “tin-openers” are worried how she will cope with roads.

The elderly minder of the cat is very upset she has gone missing so her younger minder has been out every evening looking for her with a bowl of tuna. West Finchley has so many nooks and crannies she could be anywhere?

We are all worried that she will struggle to find food and water as West Finchley is such a lovely clean and manicured area…

Her details have been sent to vets and rehoming centres as well as Scotland Yard and Military Intelligence.

The villain may try to find her way back to her original home in Hackney. The next step is to put up wanted posters along the way.

If you find this villain, approach with caution as she may try to escape. And ring the “tin-opener” on 0795-684 7298. A reward will be offered on the successful return of the feline in good health.

The “tin-openers have produced an Identi-kit photograph to aid recognition.

Photo of Hoody

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