The Finchley Arrow, Twitter and Facebook. What happens at present.

Warning – the following is a little technical.

I have been very sporadic with Twitter in the past, but now, whenever I publish an article in the Finchley Arrow, the software automatically takes the article title, adds a shortened link (to the article) to the title, and posts it automatically to the Finchley Arrow account on Twitter. (@FinchleyArrow)

I have a certain amount of automation on Facebook but, at present, the software will only post to a personal account.

The following should only be relevant if you are a regular user of Facebook:

Rather than just the title, the software posts the allotted characters to Facebook which is approximately the Title and about one medium paragraph. Enough to see if you want to read the article and if so, there is a link to the newspaper article there.

Facebook pages have changed. You can now view a Facebook Page without signing into an account if you have a link. However you cannot add comments if you are not signed into a personal account.

I have a personal account called Andrew Ampers Taylor which is used just to link articles to. So if you want to view our page, also link into my personal page to read the articles. I don’t use the account for anything else.

Sue Walder who used to be on our newspaper team, had set up a Facebook Group called Finchley Arrow, and this is now a little confusing. I have asked her to delete the account as only she has the authority to do this. With a bit of luck this should be done within a few days.

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  1. ampersfa Says:

    Thanks to Sue Walder, because of the way Facebook works, she had to delete the 40 plus people from the account and then herself before she could delete the old group, It seems to have worked now and we just have the Page left.

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