A closely guarded secret space in Finchley N3

Green Square

The second on open areas in N3 is a quiet square not too far from the Pentland tower in Squires Lane.

This is a well guarded secret in Finchley.

If you walk down Station Road, and cross over Manor View (continuation of Squires Lane) into Rosemary Avenue, and take the first right into Dudley Road and walk down towards Briarfield Avenue, half way down on the left you will come across a little alleyway pointing to the West Finchley Bowling Club.

Entrance photo to Green Square

This is the entrance to Green Square

Why it is called that when it is so far from West Finchley I have no idea, but I digress. Most people will pass the alleyway by, thinking it is part of the bowling club, but it isn’t. Walk down it, pass the bowling club and you will come into a beautiful square.

If you live in the area, this is a lovely place to have a picnic on a hot summers day.

Photo taken in Green SquarePhoto taken in Green SquarePhoto taken in Green SquarePhoto taken in Green SquarePhoto taken in Green Square


4 Responses to “A closely guarded secret space in Finchley N3”

  1. Julia Hines Says:

    Glad you like it Andrew, we love it too. I wouldn’t say it was a closely guarded secret though. Most of the kids from local schools know about it and many use it on their walk to the station. But it is true that because it is tucked inside a block of houses it is mainly used by local residents.

    It is currently owned by a developer who like to fill it with houses, but two planning appeals have been overturned.

    There is also a village green application pending.

  2. David Lewis Says:

    I’m guessing it was named West Finchley Bowling Club long before the area around Nether Street acquired the “West Finchley” label. The founders may have reasoned that, because their club was just to the west of East Finchley, it should therefore be called West Finchley. This may be one for Stuart to resolve!

  3. ampersfa Says:

    Yes, that could well be it. As you will no doubt be aware, as I copied you in, I have forward this to Stewart and we will see what light he can throw on to it.

  4. paul Says:

    It might be hard to imagine it now but up until the late 1960s the area of ground beyond the bowling club was west finchley lawn tennis club. It had three pristine grass courts and one clay court along with a clubhouse. When the club disbanded it was unofficially taken over by us local children as our own private playground and little piece of heaven on earth. Parents would help with grass cutting as it was maintained for football and some cricket. happy days, indeed!

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