J.A.C.K. sprat could eat no fat; these police officers will lose any fat they have by the end of the day!

IT’S now just a month to go until more than 90 police officers and staff leave London for New York to take part in a 14 mile run and attempt to pull an Airbus A320 Jet Liner, in the hope of raising £50,000 to help fight against childhood cancer.

Its all part of the JACK Foundation, set up by Richard and Yvonne Brown (a Barnet officer) in 2008 to help fund research in to Neuroblastoma after their son Jack was diagnosed with the rare form of cancer in 2004. The disease affects the nervous system and is most common in children under the age of five.

Photo of Police Charity (car and plane)Deputy Commissioner Tim Godwin will be at Heathrow to see the 94-strong team off on Thursday 19 May.

This year the team comprises of police officers and staff from across the Met, as well as colleagues from Essex Police, British Transport Police, Suffolk Special Constabulary, Leicestershire Police and London Fire Brigade.

Together they will running eight laps of New York’s Central Park dressed in half-uniform before competing against a number of teams, including one made up of New York State Troopers SWAT officers, to pull a Jet Blue Airbus A320 the length of an aircraft hanger.

The team will attempt to successfully complete both challenges in just two days raise money for the JACK Foundation.

Jack sadly died from the disease on 3 May 2009, but fundraising events continue in his memory in order to support other families affected by the condition.

Photo of police collecting money for their charityCollecting money for Jack’s P.A.C.K.   

This year marks the sixth annual fundraising event by a team of British police officers and staff, known as ‘Jack’s P.A.C.K’ (Police Against Cancer in Kids) to raise money for the foundation.

This year, the team are raising money to help six year-old Felix White. Having been diagnosed with an aggressive form of Neuroblastoma in February 2009, Felix went through 19 rounds of chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy before his family moved to Germany so he could receive specialist treatment.

In October 2010, Felix was given the all clear. However, at the start of this year, Felix suffered a relapse. His family, including his twin brother Elliott and their sister Grace, are now moving to the United States, where he can receive groundbreaking new treatment not available anywhere else.

Team captain PC Mark ‘Taff’ Edwards said: “The support we’ve had from colleagues across the Met and other forces has been incredible. We hadn’t even got back from the 2010 trip before people were asking to put their names down for the next one. This year we want to raise as much money as possible for this really important cause, so we can help children like Felix, whose lives are affected by this dreadful disease.”

To make a donation to the Foundation or to find out more about it, please visit:


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