AV Referendum result: How Barnet voted

Here are the results for Barnet UK

Residents in Barnet have voted against the Alternative Vote during the 5 May Referendum.

55,451 of residents, or 64.7 per cent, voted against the Alternative Vote with 30,153 residents, or 35.2 per cent voting in favour of electoral reform.

85,738 residents cast their votes in total, equivalent to 38.9 per cent of those registered to vote in the first UK-wide referendum in over 30 years.

27,789 postal votes were returned, which equates to 68.7 per cent of postal ballot votes sent out – amongst the highest in London.

The question being put to voters on 5 May was:

“At present, the UK uses the ’first past the post’ system to elect MPs to the House of Commons. Should the ’alternative vote’ system be used instead?”

Seems very similar to the National Average.


2 Responses to “AV Referendum result: How Barnet voted”

  1. David Lewis Says:

    Was there any region or district in the UK where the majority voted “Yes”?

  2. ampersfa Says:

    Found this on Google:

    “As you are probably aware Lambeth was one of only 10 local authority areas across the UK that voted Yes to AV – 55% of people who voted were in favour. The other areas who voted to AV are Southwark, Islington, Camden, Haringey and Hackney in London along with Oxford, Cambridge, Glasgow Kelvin and Edinburgh Central.”

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