So far – not so good – Bob Crow says strike still on.

Accouding to the electronic version of the Daily Telegraph a little while ago, ”

Bob Crow: ‘Tube strikes still on’

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow denies that a series of walkouts by London Underground workers have been called off.”

This is sheer madness. I refer to the different information coming out from both sides, not the strike which we won’t take sides on. Somebody is lying. It can only be the London Transport negotiating team or Bob Crow. I don’t know which. Do you?


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  1. David Lewis Says:

    Industrial disputes are usually conducted on the basis of each side lying and/or accusing the other of lying, and no-one can ever find the truth. Sometimes it’s not lying but sheer incompetence – the equivalent of the Chinese whisper; people hear what they want to hear.

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