Osama Bin Laden – virus in emails, keep on guard

We have received an email about this and have checked it with the famous website that scotches most of these warnings, called Snopes.com

If you get a message that Osama Bin Laden has been captured or hanged, I am sure you would ignore it as we know he was shot. However, be on guard.

Never, ever, open any attachment unless you know the person who sent the email. If you use Google GMail then you wouldn’t get it as if there is a virus, Google send you a note warning you, but then allows you to download it but at least you will be warned. If they know it is a genuine spam or malware, they will send it to your spam box anyway (with the virus stripped out of course).

If you get emails frantically warning you about anything horrible, you can usually check with www.snopes.com which will then inform you whether the story is true or false. A lot of people deliberately try to slow the Internet down this way. Every minute of the day there are literally millions of emails flying around because people send these on to everyone they know without checking first.

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