Successful sales at Gordon Road allotments – huge turnout proves its popularity.

Photo of journalist, Pam Taylor.By Pam Taylor (photos by Andrew Taylor)

Gordon Road allotment sale

Gordon Road allotment sale

Gordon Road Allotment plant sale took place this morning. The place was heaving with visitors when we arrived at half past ten.

Laden down with produce purchases
All the people walking out past us were laden down with trays filled with plants. We have friends coming to stay next weekend and they particularly asked me to get some runner bean plants, but unfortunately I was out of luck – the hot, dry weather had killed most of their seedlings, although they were hoping there would be some available next weekend. If they do not sell everything today, then they said they will probably be open next Sunday, so why don’t you pop in.

I managed to find a plant which I’d never heard of (Stachys macrantha ) and the lady selling it very kindly showed me a photo of it in flower – I call that service! It only cost £2 and when I looked it up on the Internet I discovered that it’s an Asian wild flower. The sale was a gardener’s heaven with so many flowering plants, vegetables and herbs for sale at very reasonable prices.

It’s such a shame that they forgot to put their sale into our events page, but I hope that this serves as a reminder for you to call in next Sunday just in case and also to look out for their sale next Spring.

Allotment cafeThey even have their own café on the allotment…

And their own loo, this is a new French invention that doesn’t need water or plumbing but is scientifically healthy and clean…

French toilet - outsideFrench toilet - inside

And a happy punter winds her weary way home…

Happy punter on the way home

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