3 people sentenced to total of 48 months. Possessions (£100,000) stolen from Windsor Road, N3

Three people have been sentenced to a total of 48 months in prison for their part in the taking of £100,000 worth of possessions from a residential premises on Windsor Road, N3 on October 6, 2010.

On 4th May 2011 at Wood Green Crown court found the following guilty of:

  • Hannah Burling (5/10/87) from Basingstoke was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment suspended for 18 months for Laundering The Proceeds of Crime (£8,950) – four months imprisonment suspended for 18 months, and 100 hours unpaid work within 12 months.
  • Darrell Neequaye (2/6/86) already detained in HMP Pentonville was sentenced to 14 months imprisonment for Transferring the Proceeds of Crime (£8,950) and Converting the Proceeds of Crime (£3,000)
  • A 17 year old man (Suspect 2) from Friern Barnet Road was given 27 months detention at a young offenders institute and three months consecutive – 30 months imprisonment for burglary.

Darrell Neequaye and “suspect 2” committed the high value burglary where a safe was stolen containing a large sum of money, jewellery and watches.

The victim of the burglary told police that he had gone to work that day and returned home to find the doors to the back of his property had been forced open and his home ransacked. A safe, which would ordinarily have required five or six people to carry it, had been stolen along with the contents, £50,000 cash which the victim stated were his employees wages. The safe also contained his wife’s jewellery and two Cartier watches. A further £5,500 was stolen from bedside drawers.

An operation was conducted by officers from Colindale Police Station using various intelligence sources to connect the defendants to the offence.

Only a few hours after the burglary “suspect 2” was seen holding large quantities of money and wearing one of the stolen watches on his wrist.

On 23rd October 2010 “suspect 2” was charged with the burglary after large quantities of items of stolen property were found at his address during a search.

Also found were several pairs of trainers of which one pair matched footprints found at the scene of the crime, and two wheelie bins were seized with all of their contents and conveyed to Colindale police station, where they were searched and found to contain approximately thirty-eight (38) items of property which have been identified as belonging to the victim, stolen during the burglary. Items relating to another burglary were also found.

He remains on remand for burglary at another location.

A further search warrant was executed at the home address of Darrell Neequaye on 26 October 2010. Police found documents relating to the purchase of over £3000 worth of watches and jewellery, bought on the day following the burglary, and photos of Neequaye holding items of stolen property.

On 29 October a warrant was executed at a location on Brahms Road, Basingstoke the home address of Neequaye’s girlfriend, Hannah Burling. Details relating to several bank accounts in Ms Burling’s name were identified which had received substantial cash deposits that could not be explained. Burling was arrested on suspicion of money laundering.

A money laundering investigation ensued revealing almost £17,000 going through the account, and the purchase of an Audi A3.

Neequay was caught on CCTV with Burling depositing and withdrawing money from the account at a bank in Basingstoke.

Crime Squad Detective Inspector Yvonne Brown said: “This has been a complex and challenging investigation requiring a lot of skill and patience by the investigating officers. Many items of property were recovered, each piece painstakingly examined, documented and enquiries made to trace it’s origin. I am immensely proud of my team whose sheer determination has resulted in these convictions”.

“This group were organized in their criminal activities, and although they took a very large amount of money and jewellery, they will not be allowed to benefit financially. I am confident their arrest has prevented other offences”.

The effect of burglary on victims can be traumatic and long-lasting. This result demonstrates the resolve of Barnet Police to continue to use all available tactics and resources to prevent and detect burglary, and those who cause harm to our community”.


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