Finchley Central Café takes over Avenue House Kiosk and will reopen during the next week

With all the weather forecasts indicating we are going to have a very warm June and July, this will be a blessing for most of us who like to visit the grounds.

Cafe shop front

  Jo & Al’s Café
65 Ballards Lane
London N3 1XP

Popular Café Jo & Al’s, is to take over the running of the Kiosk in the Grounds of Avenue House. The Kiosk, which has been shut since last Autumn, will reopen in the next week.

Until the end of last year the Avenue House Estate Trust operated the Kiosk itself. Trust Chairman Andy Savage explained that the Trust then decided to franchise out the operation of the café in order to keep its own resources focused on the running the House and the Estate. He said: ‘The Trust sought bids from several possible franchisees. The combination of the Trust’s well-publicised problems in the early spring, and the consequent loss of the first possible proprietor, meant that, regrettably, we were unable to see the Kiosk open for Easter. However, I think that we have been most fortunate to get Jo & Al’s as our new franchisee. Albert Bejerano has built a very popular business at Ballards Lane, with his excellent coffee and cakes, and we look forward to seeing him repeat this success at Avenue House.’

Albert Bejerano

Albert Bejerano

Jo & Al’s proprietor Albert Bejerano said: ‘I had hoped to get to operate this Kiosk for some time. All the most successful parks have their own café, and I am sure that we will be able to repeat this success at Avenue House Estate. As well as the Kiosk itself, I will be opening the refurbished tea room in about a month’s time, and I will be offering an increasing range of products through the summer. I look forward to operating the Kiosk for a long period of time.’

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