We’ve had another letter to the editor! Open the champagne folks, we’re celebrating!

Dear Editor,

I have to admit, when you published the newspaper initially, I wasn’t very happy with it, as I never liked it when it was published on PDF files (whatever that stands for) but since you started published the news in the present format I much prefer it.

I put my email address in the “Keep in the loop” list and it was nice getting a reminder every month but as the “news” was often out of date by then, I took the plunge and added my email to the list which notifies me every time a new article is published. I find this particularly useful for news of transport problems, and local crime. But, I have to admit, I now read everything to do with Finchley as soon as it is published.

And wonders of wonders, my husband has also started to read it, after I showed him some of the articles. He even made a small donation through your donate button.

Margaret C. N3 3xx

[Editor: Thank you for those few kind words, this is only the third “thank you” we have received in three years so you’re a star! Others can add their name to the list and they can do this by clicking the link at the top of the third column (on this page) and adding your email address. Those who understand “Atom Feeds” may prefer to be notified that way. PDF stands for “Printer Definition File”, an Adobe creation. And last but certainly not least, please thank your husband for his donation, it wasn’t that small!]


4 Responses to “We’ve had another letter to the editor! Open the champagne folks, we’re celebrating!”

  1. mr mustard Says:

    Sorry. PDF is Portable Document Format

  2. ampersfa Says:

    You are right, I asked the wrong question, I thought it was “printer definition file” so I asked “what does printer definition file mean in Google and got PDF. I should have asked: what does pdf mean 😦

  3. Gabriel Says:

    I would recommend the RSS feed for keeping up with site updates.

  4. ampersfa Says:

    You are absolutely right Gabriel but remember, not everyone is up to scratch with RSS feeds. I get City-AM, the Telegraph, News 24 from South Africa and about thirty blogs, all into my RSS feeder every morning and whip through the lot in under 20 minutes. I usually just look at the headlines. I want to know what is happening in the world, I don’t need to know details.

    But for many of our readers, they would find it a little complex. EasyFundraising to help us is far easier easier than RSS feeds and many thought that was too difficult in our survey.

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