The food stalls in Lodge Lane Market offer real value for money.

Lodge Lane Market – every Friday morning.

Lodge lane market

I had spoken to a lot of people in the past about Lodge Lane Market and had been told “Don’t go there as it is just a lot of tat.” So we never got there. Until a couple of months ago when we found ourselves nearby on a Friday morning, and decided to take a look for ourselves.

I have to admit, although there wasn’t a lot to interest us with most of the stalls, there were three which we found interesting enough to go back week after week after week.

Fish stall

First of all there is a tremendous fresh fish stall run by a lovely cheerful Jamaican. They have all sorts of fish; crabs, whole salmon, bream, sole and trout to name just a few. We buy all our fish from him now and the prices are far better than Tesco.

Butcher's stall

Then there is a butcher and he has a very large van, more like a lorry! And he has all sorts of cuts available, and his barbecue sausages are just great. Once again, his prices beat all the supermarkets and even his eggs are only £1 for ten. Tesco eat your heart out.

Greengrocers stall

Last, but certainly not least, is the vegetable stall. There are quite a few servers behind the counter there as there is always a crowd wanting their produce. Excellent prices and Tesco must have noticed, from our loyalty card, that we are giving their vegetable counter a continual miss!


7 Responses to “The food stalls in Lodge Lane Market offer real value for money.”

  1. Gabriel Says:

    The real shame about this market is that it’s on a Friday. Imagine how brisk trade would be if it were open on a Saturday (as well?). Any idea why it’s limited to Fridays when many people are at work?

  2. ampersfa Says:

    I think, with these markets, they travel around and are in one place for each day. They probably have other places to go for Saturday and Sunday, and use days in the beginning of the week to buy their produce.

  3. Maggie Airey Says:

    We too go regularly to the Friday Market at Lodge Lane but can I also sing the praises of Barnet Market? This is about to suffer the latest in a long line of threats and needs active support. We go Saturday but it is also there Wednesday. First rate fish stall with helpful owners and you can order; three fruita and veg; flower and plant; very good bread and cakes at a Greek stall; free range eggs on a habadashery stall; a newish bacon/butter/cream stall and two or three odds and sods for cheap household/stationery etc.
    There is also a new Farmers Market at the Spires every 1st and 3rd Friday: very friendly people and a good range of good things.

    • Gabriel Says:

      Where is the Barnet market held? thank you.

      • Maggie Airey Says:

        There’s a map if you Google Barnet Market. You can park in the Stapleton Rd Car Park next to the Library, in which case the entrance is almost opposite. Or, you can park in the Spires car park, come out to the road and turn right (past the band stand where the Farmers’ Market is held) and the entrance is on the right. There is also an entrance from the top of St. Alban’s Road. Hope this helps!

  4. ampersfa Says:

    By all means sing their praises. Although we try just to cover N3 and N12, we welcome any ideas for the surrounding locale.

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