An evening’s free wine-tasting at Finchley’s Majestic Wine Warehouse – hic!

Majestic courtyard

The Majestic frontage in Ballards Lane

by Pam and Andrew Taylor

Every now and again – a few times each year – we receive an invitation to a wine tasting at Majestic’s warehouse, 204 Ballards Lane (N3 2NA)

Their phone number is 020 8346 5852 we should warn you that the wine tastings are only for customers and their guests

We always try and go to these wine tasting evenings as it’s a good way to discover new wines and we meet some really pleasant people there.

We don’t have a car any more, so we pop along to check out the wines and, as Majestic are in the EasyFundraising scheme, we order on the Internet when we get home and they deliver to us free of charge.

Because Majestic are, in principle, wholesalers, you have to buy a minimum of twelve bottles per order. However, recently, they have reduced the minimum to six bottles, but you have to collect if you buy in this smaller quantity.

Wine tasting at MajesticThere were less of visitors this time, although admittedly, we do tend to go earlier, before we have dinner which also avoids the crowds and we get more time talking to the experts.

Wine tasting at MajesticThe evening did prove to be very sociable, even earlier on, and we were also able to promote the Arrow.

Wine tasting at MajesticWine tasting at MajesticThere was some delicious cheese, salamis and French bread supplied by Vallebonna, Italian and Sardinian food and wine, in Wimbledon. The cheeses and meats certainly assisted with our enjoyment of the various wines. We tried wines from New Zealand, France, Italy, Chile and even the Lebanon. There was one particular wine everyone seemed to rave about, including us. This was the “Saint Clair” Pinot Noir 2009 from New Zealand which was on offer at £14.39 a bottle. The lowest price on the tasting was at £4.79 (Concho Y Toro Sauvignon Blanc from Chile) and the most costly was a £17.99 (Chateau Musar 2003 from the Lebanon). Yes we were also surprised at such a costly Lebanese wine!

Wine tasting at Majestic

The staff were extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful and we are pleased that they always start the evening off for everyone with a small glass of champagne.

If you ever receive an invitation to a wine tasting, I recommend that you give it a try. However, you have to bear in mind that “You have to be in it to win it” as invitations can only be sent out if they have your address. Go to their website at and click the register button in the top right corner. You will receive special offers at the beginning of each season, and three or four times a year a special invitation to an evening’s wine tasting. They have been known to hold a professional wine-tasting, with an expert, where we all sit down at a table for a few hours.

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