An exciting new website called Streetbank

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Streetbank’s Sam Stephens

I have recently come across a new community website called Streetbank run by four young people who have come up with an interesting concept.

This is a community website where people can offer to lend neighbours mundane items of equipment, such as a ladder, a lawn-mower and other garden tools, or even a fish kettle for those who want to cook a whole salmon for a garden party once or twice a year.

In addition, most of us have various objects around the home that we should throw out but feel they might be worth something to somebody – here’s a chance to offer them here.

The third, and up to now, the final idea is if you have a knowledge of something, an opportunity to share it with your neighbour, such as maths or science skills, repairing lawnmowers, or writing a complaint letter for someone.

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You also have to select an area distance around your house, and that area is all you will ever see on the website. If you live in a city area or town centre, you may choose the 1 mile radius as I have done in Finchley, my local area. If you live in the country, you might choose the largest 10 mile radius and if you live in an urban sprawl, the middle choice of 5 mile radius might be your best bet.

This is an ingenious method as you don’t get inundated with “noise” or offers way too far for you to go and borrow, or too far for anyone to trust lending to you.

You can also send and receive messages without the other person knowing your email address to ensure privacy, although once you set up to deal with someone you can exchange phone numbers, addresses etc. For example, if someone wants to borrow one of my items, I will only deliver but never let them collect – so I know where they live.

If you run a club, society or just want to broadcast something there is a page you can go to just for that purpose.

The final good idea is, you can’t join until you offer someone something. So forget it if you don’t want to give, and only want to take. This is not for those people.

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