TFL: About time, this invention was so simple and needed years ago.

It has taken TFL so many years to come up with such a simple solution to keep the underground safe, but still avoid hidden bombs!

About time London Underground!

More bins on London Underground for a tidier Tube

·         London Underground increases the number of bins on the Tube by 25 percent

·         Two thirds of all litter left on Tube is recycled   

·         Campaign in conjunction with Mayor of London, Metro and Keep Britain Tidy

London Underground (LU) has launched a campaign, in partnership with the Mayor of London, Metro newspapers and Keep Britain Tidy, to encourage Tube customers to dispose of their litter. More bins have been installed so you can now access a bin on any journey on the tube. The aim is for a tidier and more pleasant Tube to travel in and to help LU to recycle more waste.

The campaign, part of the Mayor Boris Johnson’s commitment to make travelling in London more civilised, will run across the Tube network as well as in the Metro newspaper and will encourage passengers to use the 1,600 plus bins that are in, or within walking distance of, the 270 Tube stations. 

To help, LU has recently installed an additional 166 bins on the network, taking the total to 800 and making it easier for customers to get rid of their rubbishLU regularly monitors stations to ensure that high levels of cleanliness are maintained and recent figures  have shown an improvement at over 70 percent of the stations where the new bins have been installed.

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London said: “Time and again passengers have said they want more bins so they can dispose of their rubbish and that’s exactly what we’ve done. We can all do our bit to ensure we use these sparkling new bins, which will mean a more pleasant journey to work and a great first impression of London for tourists to the capital.”

Richard Parry, Strategy and Commercial Director, London Underground, said:  “We know that our customers appreciate a litter free Tube and we have an army of cleaners who regularly patrol the network collecting rubbish. However we also believe that providing more bins will make it easier for our customers to get rid of their rubbish and over the last few months have increased the number of bins on the network by 25 percent.

“All rubbish placed in any of our stations bins is sorted and we recycle everything that we can. Over the years LU has made every effort to recycle waste and we now recycle over two thirds of rubbish left on the Tube network.”

John Leitch, Executive Director at Metro, said: “We want to support green behaviour among our readers and increase the amount of recycling by Tube travellers. It’s fantastic to be working with London Underground to achieve this and we’re delighted that they are using Metro’s innovative design in this campaign.”


2 Responses to “TFL: About time, this invention was so simple and needed years ago.”

  1. David Lewis Says:

    I’m confused by this story. (1) London Transport abolished bins several years ago in response to terrorists leaving bombs in litter bins (Bishopsgate?). I had no idea the policy had changed, and I haven’t seen a bin in a tube station for years (except a few see-through hanging bags at Finchley Central). I can’t imagine where the existing bins are, let alone the new ones planned. (2) Are these ordinary bins or recycling bins, or what? If they’re ordinary bins, people will put food etc. in them as well as Metro.

  2. Ampers Taylor Says:

    No idea, other than they are clear plastic, stuck around harder plastic ends. I think they have staff who go through the rubbish recycling. Rather them than me! Anyone else have any ideas?

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