Proposals for neighbourhood policing in Finchley and Barnet – how it should work

The Met remains committed to neighbourhood policing’ is the message from Barnet’s borough commander.

Following an extensive review of neighbourhood policing the Metropolitan Police Service is proposing that every local community in Barnet will retain its dedicated police team, comprising of at least two constables and six police community support officers.

Under our proposals, which are due to be debated at the Metropolitan Police Authority on 16 June, Safer Neighbourhoods Teams, which were introduced in 2006 will continue to be aligned to political ward boundaries, and will remain responsible for addressing local crime and safety concerns. They will also remain under the operational control of the borough commander. There will be no reduction in the number of PCs and PCSOs within Safer Neighbourhoods Teams so every ward will retain a dedicated team of at least two PC and three PCSOs. Boroughs that currently have enhanced teams with six PCSOs will also retain these staff.

However, changes are being proposed that will, on occasion, see Safer Neighbourhood resources used more flexibly to support other wards in the borough. During these periods of temporary deployment to other areas, wards that are supporting their neighbours will still retain a minimum strength of one PC and one PCSO from its dedicated team to make sure there is still a permanent uniformed presence in every ward.

Another key proposal is to make reducing crime and anti-social behaviour explicit objectives of Safer Neighbourhoods activity in addition to the priorities of the community, which are through ward panels. In addition there are proposed changes to supervisory roles where sergeants may be responsible for more than one team.

Ch Supt Neil Basu, Barnet borough commander said: “I’m delighted to announce the MPS remains committed to neighbourhood policing. This means that under our proposals every ward in Barnet will continue to have its own Safer Neighbourhood team working with and for local people.”

We intend for our Safer Neighbourhoods teams, which have become familiar sights in local communities, to continue to do the things they have always done by supporting local communities and helping address their crime or safety concerns. “

As borough commander for Barnet I will continue to ensure they are being used in the right way to work with local people to help keep communities safe. I’m pleased to reaffirm the Met’s strong commitment to community policing.”

Proposals from the Met’s review of Safer Neighbourhoods are due to be discussed at the MPA Strategic and Operational Policing committee on 16 June.

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