UK first as Transport for London installs eco-lighting in a London road tunnel

On the basis that the idea is interesting but my readers won’t want to see a lot of what we, in the newspaper business, call “puff” I have cut out most of the press release. I do have my doubts about many of the eco claims, and the real cause of global warming, but at the same time feel it is good to consider  seriously reducing our carbon foot print. 

In a UK-first, innovative, eco-friendly lights have been installed in a central London tunnel by Transport for London  helping to improve safety, reduce maintenance closures as well as cut energy consumption and costs.

The Upper Thames Street westbound tunnel is now entirely lit with low energy, long-life LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights providing a host of benefits for Londoners. The design and colour of the lights is designed to improve visibility for cyclists and motorists to boost safety.

The lights will also cut CO2 emissions by more than 60 per cent compared with conventional systems, helping to reduce TfL’s energy bills. Projections show the cost of lighting the tunnel could fall from around £50,000 each year to less than £10,000, delivering a potential annual saving of at least £40,000. The innovative lights are also expected to last for 20 years as opposed to the existing system’s two year life span, significantly reducing the need for maintenance closures.

The LED system is contributing towards the Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s target of a 60 per cent reduction in the Capital’s CO2 emissions by 2025, and will deliver an estimated saving around 163 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year – enough gas to fill almost 800 double deck buses. Upper Thames Street tunnel, which opened in 1970, carries around 35,000 vehicles each day.

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