Planning Application in N12

The following new planning applications have been received:

3 Alexandra Grove, London, N12 8NU (F/02491/11)

Erection of a mansard roof with front and rear dormer windows to the bungalow in the rear garden to facilitate additional rooms to the dwelling.

More information:


2 Responses to “Planning Application in N12”

  1. Gabriel Says:

    Any news on the planning application for converting Furniture Land at the top end of North Finchley High Street? Looking more and more of an eye sore by the day!

  2. Editor Says:

    Email me the full postal address and I will try and see what is happening. If you are walking past, see if there is any information on who owns the building in the window.

    On receipt of your email I will attempt to follow it up.

    I’m a bit busy with my “proper job” at the moment (I’m an IT Journalist) otherwise I’d get the bus up myself.


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