Good news, TfL staff have received 10,000 NVQs to date…

…although by the way they treat us, we’d be excused if we found this a little difficult to be believed. Puff, of course removed.

Transport for London’s training tops 10,000

On National Vocational Qualification Day (VQ Day), Transport for London (TfL) has announced that over 10,000 NVQs have now been awarded to staff throughout the organisation, improving skills and boosting morale.

NVQs build on the already substantial training TfL staff receive allowing them to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to improve in their role and achieve a recognised qualification.

Since 2001, NVQs have been awarded to a wide range of employees at London Underground including station staff, train drivers, signallers and the engineering workforce.  Following the launch of TfL’s Skills and Employment Strategy in December 2008 the opportunity to complete an NVQ expanded further to cover other roles across TfL including administration, customer service and management employees, and are also now being offered as part of adult apprentice programmes.

Staff can gain NVQs in Rail Operations, Rail Engineering, Customer Services, Administration and Management, and programmes last between one to two years. The courses are integrated as much as possible with the staff member’s day job to avoid unnecessary repetition and also capture real evidence of performance.

Iain Smith, Head of Skills, Transport for London, said: “This is such a significant milestone for us to reach, 10,000 NVQs awarded in ten years. These values ensure staff can contribute towards the running of a safe, efficient and customer focussed transport service.”

Last month Boris Johnson announced that 2000 job opportunities had been created in the GLA group in the past two years.

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