Serious accident blocks off Argyle Road, N12

Argyle Road accident

Argyle Road accident

Returning home we were blocked off at Sussex Ring from continuing up Argyle Road towards Nether street.

ON making a detour and approaching Argyle Road from Westbury Road we could see, lower down Argyle Road first aid being given to a middle aged woman who we were informed was unconscious.

Argyle Road accident

Argyle Road accident

We took some photographs for the Arrow but were careful not to use too much zoom so as not to identify the victim.

The only reassuring point about the whole sad episode, is that we have so many police available to attend an incident in Finchley at a moment’s notice!


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  1. phil Says:

    Just to update you about Argyle Road accident. it was a pedestrian that was injured and treated at the scene. a helicopter was landed close by in the park and a doctor and paramedics from it treated the lady who was eventually taken away in the helicopter after about an hour.

    the road should reopen this afternoon once photos and measurements have been finished and the car removed.

    • Editor Says:

      Thank you for this, I did think at the time there should have been an officer at each end of the blocked off road, directing traffic to an alternative route. It is not enough to hold up the traffic without at least helping the luckless drivers.

  2. Bill Savage Says:

    The many police officers at the scene were just standing around and making no effort to direct traffic or allow alternate one-way movement along the one side of Argyle Road that was not blocked. I know that they have a job to do when an accident causes injury, and that it may be a “crime scene”, but the police would surely get more respect and cooperation from the public if they made some effort to lessen delays and disruption to motorists and bus passengers instead of just letting them sit there fuming and not knowing how long the delay would last.

  3. Steve H Says:

    I’d just like to say a resounding Eff Off ! to all the selfish people who care more that their (probably uneccessary) car journey was interrupted , than they do about the fate of an innocent old lady who had the cheek to get herself run over by a car, bounce off the windscreen (smashing it) and land face first on the pavement. I came upon the scene while on my motorbike, saw the “body” and presumed that the lady was already dead as not one of the assembled crowd was making any attempt to help or comfort the woman. The driver of the car which hit her looked more worried about herself than her victim and was busy yakking on her mobile( as were various other people). I saw the lady move and went to help. She was very much still alive, in pain and was having difficulty breathing as her anorak had gone over her head, was pressed tight into her face and was impeding her breathing. She had a bad head wound and the blood was coming through the hood of her coat. I attempted to pull the hood back to allow her to breathe more easily and stop her panicking. A member of the crowd helpfully said I should not move her but in her weakened state, the material pulled tight over her face might have finished her off so I carried on. I was then assisted by an off duty policeman but neither off us could free her coat from over her head, even when the lady tried to get up. The Police and Ambulance Service arrived, cut her coat off and started treating her. I left the scene and tried to get away via Courthouse Road but my way was blocked because an idiot motorist had managed to crash into a bus (probably during an essential journey to buy some fags from the corner shop). If I sound pious, tough luck. People are quite prepared to stand around and criticise the Police for not directing traffic or arriving en masse but when it comes to directing traffic themselves or helping a possibly dying woman they go all limp. Next time, why not help out rather than gob off to the press about how unfair it all is !

  4. Editor Says:

    I can see you feel strongly about this, and can sympathise to a great extent, your frustrations on what appears to be unfeeling people. In the past I, like you, have gone to the aid of road victims.

    I was there, well not exactly, I couldn’t get near enough even to see what had happened as the police were keeping people back by about fifty yards. And, apart from not being able to help, my help wouldn’t have been wanted as there was a fully qualified doctor there in addition to several Ambulance Crew, do doubt well trained in first aid.

    But in 99 cases out of a hundred, before the authorities arrive, I can agree that most people would either hurry by as quickly as they could, or just stand and gawk.

    People who came later surely should be allowed to criticise a lack of efficiency of the police considering the number of police cars and policemen about? Somebody on the bus might have been going to the hospital because a doctor had rung up telling them to hurry to the hospital as their spouse was about to die? Imagine the sadness if they got there too late to say goodbye?

    I guess what I am trying to say is there is often two sides of every story, and we need to look at both sides. And don’t take my comments personally as I am just trying to paint a general picture and your comment has given me that opportunity, for which I thank you.

  5. Bill Savage Says:

    Oh dear, Steve H. Your literary and comprehension skills clearly leave something to be desired. Your ill-tempered rant totally misses the point I was making.

  6. Editor Says:

    Some good news. The injured lady was a 74 year old Polish woman and she was due to fly back later that day. It seems she looked the wrong way as she stepped off the pavement. Easily done, as I have had some near misses on the Continent. She has a damaged shoulder, stitches in her head, and a broken bone in her leg and, as she had to fly back to Poland, the hospital could only put a soft cast to her leg and said she would have to have a hard cast done on her return to Poland. It’s a small world and I found all this out from my wife’s Polish hairdresser as the woman had been staying with her.

  7. Julia Hines Says:

    However, drivers should be able to stop in time. Road traffic accidents in Barnet are the worst in London. Steve – it sounds like you did the right thing; I am shocked by what you describe.

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