The Pasture’s 2nd Anniversary celebration

Pastures, approaching the marquee

Yesterday (Sunday) evening saw the volunteers, councillors, Mike Freer our local MP and other friends of the Pastures celebrating the magnificent work the volunteers have put in. They have turned the Pastures into a wild horticultural haven, with special plants of interest to butterflies, lovely paths through the huge open space, up to a little enclosure at the far end with its own bee hive.

The volunteers, who only work during the weekends, have, in 200 days of work, really transformed this originally ugly patch to the beautiful haven of quiet and tranquillity that it is.

The pond from the food table.

There is also a huge pond with fish and in season it is a hotbed of tadpoles and frogs. The fish have to be carefully chosen to be the types that don’t eat tadpoles. Alas, as you can see from the photograph, it was covered with algae but we were told by Ann Brown, who chairs the volunteers, that it was the wrong time to remove it as it would cause a lot of damage. We see the view of the pond over the view of the lovely food provided for this occasion!

The anniversary "nosh"!

It is open between 10am and 5pm, during weekends and public holidays, except after heavy rain. Also it is closed quite a bit during winter months. It really is worth a visit and, to get there is quite easy. If you go down Long Lane up to the North Circular flyover you will find the Finchley Fire Station on the N3 side of the bridge. Opposite the fire station is a little lane (you can’t park a car in it though). Walk up the lane for about 25 yards and you come to a gate in the railings on the right. You are there!

Dogs are not admitted as they could do damage to the delicate work the volunteers are carrying out. But you can get a full description and learn of all the work that is going on from their website.

Layout of the Pasture

Layout of the Pasture

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