Submitting photographs to the Finchley Arrow – new instructions.

Taking photographs to send to the Finchley Arrow

For the time being, please do not zoom in too close to your subject as we have to position the main aspect of the photographs a certain way because of technical problems with our new website which will go “live” within the next week or two. Try also to take some of them in landscape mode.

Preparing your photograph prior to sending in to the Finchley Arrow.

Please don’t crop or reduce your photograph in any way. Our photo-editor will lighten, darken or crop your photograph to enhance it to give you, and us, credit for the picture.

Renaming your photograph.

We would, however, be very grateful if you could rename your photograph from the camera given jumble of letters and numbers to something describing the subject of the picture.

How we exchange photographs within the Finchley Arrow

We use Dropbox a lot on the newspaper as it is the simplest way of sending photographs and files within our newspaper. You can get a free account and, by using the following link, you will get not only the usual free 2GB of cloud storage, but an extra bonus of 256MB of extra storage. Link for free bonus:


As soon as we have managed to fix the problem of our website, we will let you all know, and we can get back to normal.

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