Planning application for Finchley N3 – mammoth rebuilding, deadline 13th July.

The editor has received a letter from a concerned neighbour concerning 13 Dollis Avenue, London N3 1UD:

There is an application to redevelop this building from 5 x two bedroom apartments building of style and character  into a seven apartments modern block, five being three bedroom including a penthouse.

Its a massive redevelopment of the site with a 100% increase in floor space and although not exceeding the current height, it will involve sinking a part below ground level floor allowing four floors at the rear.

Two thirds of the land area will now be occupied compared to 50% today and the sheer mass of the project including the roof is complete;ly disproportionate and unsuitable in a premier road consisting in the main of detatched homes, many of which lately have been improved and renovated.

The increase in occupancy of potentially some 100% will require addutional car parking but only the same number as currently available is being provided so street parking will increase significantly as well as visitor traffic.

Apart from the danger of subsidence to adjacent buildings caused by sinking a lowered garden and 4 rear floors, the hyrdrological disturbance in a clay area is likely to spread up and down the road.

Renovating the existing building would be a far more attractive option in keeping with the street and neighborhood and in keeping with the declared policy of the council in not allowing further apartment development oin Dollis Avenue 

For those who know their way around the labyrinth of the Barnet Council website can see the documents using the reference F/02433/11. Submissions on this application have to be received by 13th July.


2 Responses to “Planning application for Finchley N3 – mammoth rebuilding, deadline 13th July.”

  1. jeffreynewman Says:

    I’ve just seen that Barnet are abolishing local Planning Committees – e.g. Finchley and Golders Green matters will all be lumped together with the other wards (Edgware, Chipping Barnetetc.) into one ‘Barnet’ Committee. This is a tremendous diminution of local democratic input in the service of centralisation. I think this may deserve a posting of its own since the issues raised in the above letter will be still more difficult to deal with.

  2. Editor Says:

    Hi, it would be helptful if you could post a link, if you saw this on the Internet? I spent ages on the Barnet Council site searching for it and couldn’t find anything.

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