2 Funding

Help the Finchley Arrow survive – at no cost to yourself

We have started to implement “Phase Two” of creating a one stop website for people who want to know all about the community of Finchley. The first stage was the FinchleyArrow.co.uk and as we have now built up our community newspaper to over 1,500 readers a month, we have started work on FinchleyCommunity.co.uk. This site is being built and will be live in July but you can use it meanwhile.

However we need funds for the project and have hit on a method which will not incur you with any costs at all. We made a conscious decision not to allow advertising in our newspaper and want to seriously restrict it on the community website. But we do need extensive funding.


We have chosen to raise funds through a website called EasyFundraising as we really don’t want to get involved with advertising, which means invoicing, book-keeping and dealing with the Inland Revenue! The way in which you can support our community projects at absolutely no cost to yourselves, and, in addition, by doing this, can get vouchers for large discounts from all the companies who support the project is very simple.

There are well over 2,000 top companies that use the site, including Amazon, Argus, Marks and Spenser, most large store chains, the utilities, telcos, mobile phone companies, travel and many other groups.

So, whether you are buying a product, changing your gas or electricity company, changing your telco or mobile phone provider, booking your flights, ferries, or airport car parking, arranging a package holiday, the list just goes on and on and on, you should use this site.

What you do

Go to http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/finchleyarrow and take a look

  • Sign on to support the Finchley Arrow you only need to do this the first time!
  • Type in the name of the swebsite you want to visit. You can also browse from extensive lists!
  • Now you are in their website, just shop in the normal way. The site sends a special code to enable the store to send us the donation!

This is all you have to do.

Make a note once a week to check all the special offers there as the commercial participants offer good bargains that members of the general public never see. If you subsequently find a local group you would prefer to support, you can easily change from the Finchley Arrow to your new group. At no cost to yourself, you can ensure that our community project is viable. To date, my own contributions using EasyFundraising has reached over fifty pounds. (I buy lots on the net!)

If you would like to help us even more, after a few months of using EasyFundraising, why not take a look at http://finchleyarrow.easysearch.org.uk as by using EasySearch as your browser, you can earn for us half a penny everytime you make a search and click on one of the links which crop up. Personally I use both EasySearch and Google. When I enter a complex search of a dozen words or more I prefer Google, but for all my simple searches I use EasySearch and have earned around £2.50 so far,

Finally, if you already manage a charity and would like to set this up to use EasyFundraising, we don’t mind as if you use this link to register your charity or not-for-profit http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/referral/32194 then your charity will get 100% of their donations but, in addition, we will earn 20% of everything they earn. Bear in mind it takes a few days as the EasyFundraising people will check your organisation out. If you bypass our link and go direct, the charity you choose won’t get any more, but the EasyFundraising company will pocket that extra 20%. Now we don’t want that to happen do we?


4 Responses to “2 Funding”

  1. jeffreynewman Says:

    Have just ‘tweeted’ this page as I’d not come across EasyFundraising before and it seems a simple idea.

    In fact, as I read the pages on Finchley Arrow, I’m truly impressed with the dedication that has gone in and hope to stay in touch, perhaps make a contribution.

    One area that concerns me at present are Barnet Consultations – there seem to be many and I want to add my tuppence-worth but they are anything but user-friendly; if that is so for me, it is most certainly the case for 90% of other residents. This is not democracy – and is probably neither pretending nor intending to be. Can you help?

  2. Editor Says:

    EasyFundraising’s one terrific point is that it offers some truly amazing discounts for people which don’t appear for the generat public. For example M&S recently offered EasyFundraising members a 50% discount over and above their present 30% discount offer at the time. The result was that I purchased a £1,000 “memory” mattress, reduced to £700 then for half price and only paid £350 for it. And for the last three or four months my wife and I have been having perfect restful nights.

    As for replying to your political comment, I’ll pass. Although we are totally non-political at the Arrow, this doesn’t prohibit readers from making any political comment provided it is couched in decent terms as yours was.

    • jeffreynewman Says:

      I wasn’t actually being ‘political’ – consultations are part of the democratic process. But to take part you have to jump so many hurdles that I was merely asking if – via Finchley Community – some of us might be able to get together and help one another?

      • Editor Says:

        That sounds like a good idea and worth considering, can we meet up at some time to discuss it? Text me on 0794 162 2401 and I will ring you back, unless you also have a trouble using up your monthly phone allowance, then just phone. 🙂

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