Can you help our next community project in Finchley?

We are looking for voluntary help in the following area for

The Finchley Community.

We need three volunteers, one each in N2, N3 and N12 to keep an eye on their postcode area. To let the office know when a company closes and a new one opens in its place, to source likely small business with branches in Finchley only who might be interested in joining us, and to source any not-for-profits in the areas which aren’t on the website.

What we are really asking for is researchers, if you want to actually call and talk to various of these shop owners and organisations secretaries, that would be a bonus from our point of view but not essential.

Who would volunteer. It would be someone who has a love of community and would love to see Finchley grow into a tightly knit area where people are willing to get involved. This is a long term project as we, in London, have, on the whole, lost the community spirit and recreating it may take years. You would be welcome to attend our once a month Editorial Meeting but it is not a requirement of the job and you will be able to please your self.

How to apply: In the first instance, send an email to with your phone number and the best time to call.

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Positions vacant at the Arrow

The following unpaid positions require attendance at a meeting, once a month, on 1st Sunday at 11am in N3.

Facebook administrator to promote our Facebook page. Watching-brief Journalist to cover items on a regular basis. Journalists to cover one story each month. You can now visit our Facebook page without a Facebook account!

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Avenue House – unknown meeting

As mentioned yesterday, I received a leaflet handed out to one of our journalists in his local pub last evening.

For some reason my scanner is down, so I have typed in the leaflet exactly as it appears, errors as well.





Avenue House & Grounds are destined to be shut

to the public, and handed over to a school from

St.Johns wood.

If you do not come to show your report, all will

be lost, please come a long on Sunday 20th march

2011 at 2pm for a protest and petition signing.

There will be Tea & Cakes at the park for

fundraising (cake donations after 10am)

Please spread the word to your neighbours as we

can only distribute one leaflet per five houses.

If you cannot make the protest, please send a

letter to your MP or ‘Brian Coleman (Barnet




The newspaper has no knowledge of who is behind this and if anyone knows, would you please ask them to contact the editor so he may use the newspaper to publish this widely as we, at the Finchley Arrow, are fully behind the newly resurrected official group, The Friends of Avenue House.

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