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Planning application for Finchley N3 – mammoth rebuilding, deadline 13th July.

The editor has received a letter from a concerned neighbour concerning 13 Dollis Avenue, London N3 1UD:

There is an application to redevelop this building from 5 x two bedroom apartments building of style and character  into a seven apartments modern block, five being three bedroom including a penthouse.

Its a massive redevelopment of the site with a 100% increase in floor space and although not exceeding the current height, it will involve sinking a part below ground level floor allowing four floors at the rear.

Two thirds of the land area will now be occupied compared to 50% today and the sheer mass of the project including the roof is complete;ly disproportionate and unsuitable in a premier road consisting in the main of detatched homes, many of which lately have been improved and renovated.

The increase in occupancy of potentially some 100% will require addutional car parking but only the same number as currently available is being provided so street parking will increase significantly as well as visitor traffic.

Apart from the danger of subsidence to adjacent buildings caused by sinking a lowered garden and 4 rear floors, the hyrdrological disturbance in a clay area is likely to spread up and down the road.

Renovating the existing building would be a far more attractive option in keeping with the street and neighborhood and in keeping with the declared policy of the council in not allowing further apartment development oin Dollis Avenue 

For those who know their way around the labyrinth of the Barnet Council website can see the documents using the reference F/02433/11. Submissions on this application have to be received by 13th July.

Man jailed after fatal collision in Hendon Lane Finchley N3 – Latest from New Scotland Yard

A Hendon driver has been jailed after admitting causing the death of a pedestrian in north London last year.

A friend – who drove him away after the incident in Finchley – will be sentenced later this month.

Both men appeared at Wood Green Crown Court on Monday 4th July.

Arman Kassra (22.6.89 – 22 ys ) of Barford Close NW4 pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving whilst over the alcohol limit, and failing to stop at the scene of a collision.

He was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for causing death by careless driving whilst over the alcohol limit. There was no separate penalty for the offence of failing to stop at the scene of a collision, over and above having his licence endorsed. He was also disqualified from driving for five years.

Two other charges were left to lie on file: causing death by dangerous driving, and driving while over the proscribed alcohol limit.

Mohammed Aghaie (b. 5th January 1991 – 21 years) of Weld Place, New Southgate N11 pleaded guilty to four counts:

Perverting the cause of justice (i.e. driving Kassra from the scene); Fraud by false representation (i.e. giving false details to obtain insurance); Making a false statement to obtain insurance; Driving without insurance.

He was remanded in custody for sentencing at Wood Green Crown Court on 29th July.
Police were called to the incident in Hendon Lane, Finchley N3 at approximately 2:00am on Sunday 6 June 2010.

A VW Golf had left the road and was in collision with two male pedestrians. The car was then in collision with a wall and caught fire.

Kassra had been driving the Golf, with Aghaie driving a BMW. Aghaie picked up Kassra and drove him away prior to police arrival.

One of the pedestrians was pronounced dead at the scene. He was Libor Kuchar (b. 18th December 1974 – 35 years – a Slovakian national] of the Hendon area. A post-mortem gave cause of death as multiple injuries.

The second man suffered minor injuries and was discharged after treatment at hospital.

Officers from the Road Death Investigation Unit at Alperton led the inquiry, and arrested Kassra later on 6 June 2010. Aghaie was arrested on 10 June 2010.

They were bailed to return pending further inquiries, and were subsequently charged in December 2010.

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New planning application – update

The following new planning applications have been received:

202 Nether Street, London, N3 1JD (F/02727/11)

Three storey rear/side extension with a rear patio.  Provision of 3no off-street car parking spaces and associated alterations to facilitate conversion of existing single dwelling house into 4 self contained units.

More information:


Please note that planning documents can take up to 5 working days to become available online. To access the documents relating to an application, you will need to supply the username ‘barnet’ and password ‘barnet’.

To stop receiving these emails follow this link:

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This press release from Barnet Council explains a lot

Finchley Carnival goes with a bang

Barnet Council is all set to help Finchley Carnival go with a bang this weekend.

The popular carnival, which has been running for more than 100 years, will feature a funfair and run from Thursday 7th July to Sunday 10th July at Victoria Park, Finchley.

The Carnival’s highlight will come on Saturday night with a spectacular free firework display for residents paid for by the Council with proceeds from the funfair.

The Worshipful the Mayor of Barnet, Councillor Lisa Rutter, will set off the first firework for the display from 9.30pm.

Councillor Brian Coleman, Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “I am delighted that Barnet Council has been able to keep the traditions of the Carnival going and include a firework display which so many people have enjoyed over the years.

“I hope that next year we can restore many of the other traditional features of the Carnival which our residents have looked forward to so much in the past.”

The editor comments

The Finchley Festival committee were trying to turn the festival away from the idea of a carnival which tended to attract the wrong sort of people to the festivities, but a certain member of the council – no names-no pack drill as they say – told me that he didn’t approve of dispensing with the carnival. I understand that the owners of the fun-fair pay many thousands of pounds to hold their fair in Victoria Park so I guess, sadly, it was really all about money.

I did feel the council was very mean to wait until the Festival Committee had put in hours and hours of their time and probably a lot of money as well, before putting up the rent for Victorial Park from around £145 to many thousands of pounds.

I do understand the need to make the best of the Council’s resources but can’t help feeling that a little forethought and a little compassion wouldn’t have gone amiss.

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Independents Day calls on residents to save our local Finchley shops (on 9th July)

Finchley is celebrating its first Independents Day on Saturday 9th July. Community group Finchlinks is calling on residents to make a point of shopping in their local high street and independent shops for the day in place of using supermarkets, buying online or visiting other areas.

Shops are doing their part by offering special incentives to encourage people to visit them on the day – an extra excuse for people to try a new shop or discover something different about an old favourite. To find out what shops are offering people can look up

Independents Day has been set up by local community group Finchlinks. The group hopes that the day will remind residents in Finchley of how vital it is for us to support our local shops. This is the first time the group have run the day and they hope it will be the first of many.

Across the UK high streets independent shops are under increasing pressure of low spending, competition from the internet and out of town shopping centres, as well as rising rates and parking fees. Town centre vacancy rates have doubled in the last two years and Finchley’s high streets bear witness to these statistics.

Finchley’s Independents Day is part of a nation wide movement to stop this decline. In May Mary Portas, or Mary Queen of Shops, agreed to take on the challenge of saving our high streets after being invited to chair a review by David Cameron and Nick Clegg. Independents Day has also been taken on by other high streets across the UK. As petrol prices rise people are starting to wise up to the benefits of shopping on our doorsteps. Hard times are also proving fertile grounds for new businesses and this can be seen with the emergence of new shops like Mr Simms Old Fashioned Sweets Shop and Tailors Corner.

Paul Evans, one of the founders of Finchlinks said, ‘Independent shops are the heart of our community. We all love the idea of having good friendly shops on our doorstep but it’s up to us all to support them to keep them there and to encourage new ones in. It’s easy when money is tight to put savings above everything else and just shop in the supermarkets and on line but these could be short sighted savings if we end up with boarded up, depressing high streets.


[Ed: Small businesses can get a free listing from a sister website of the Finchley arrow.] 
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New map for Underground stations called ‘Avoiding Stairs Tube guide’ and also a’toilet map’!

A new Tube guide has been added to the TfL website at which shows customers how to avoid stations with stairs.

London Underground, which started in 1863, is the oldest metro system in the world and many of its stations were built in Victorian and Edwardian times when passengers who had mobility problems were not a priority.

Putting lifts into existing Tube stations is often extremely difficult and expensive but Transport for London (TfL) has invested hundreds of millions of pounds in doing this, as well as building new Tube, London Overground and DLR stations which all have step-free access. TfL has increased the number of Tube stations which have step-free access to 62 and this will rise to 65 when lifts are installed at Green Park, Blackfriars and Farringdon before the 2012 Games.  The Tube Upgrade Plan will continue redeveloping key stations and installing lifts.

In the meantime London Underground has issued a new ‘Avoiding Stairs Tube guide’, which will be useful for anyone who may have difficulty using stairs but can manage escalators. This will include older people, customers with heavy luggage, parents with pushchairs and people with physical disabilities who do not use a wheelchair.

The map highlights stations where customers can reach the platforms or change trains via escalators, lifts or ramps, or where the platforms are already at street level. Stations where this access is not possible are greyed out on the map.

The map differs to the ‘Step-Free Tube map’ which shows step-free stations suitable for wheelchair users, which have lifts from street to platform level or ramps; and includes more detailed information including the size of steps and gaps between train and platform.

Wayne Trevor, London Underground’s Accessibility & Inclusion Manager said: “With the funding we have we are installing lifts to make as many Tube stations free of steps as we can, currently 62 increasing to 65 by next year.

 “However, we know that many people have difficulties in walking up and down long flights of stairs, but can manage escalators and have produced the ‘Avoiding Stairs Tube Guide’ to reflect these needs. These are very different to the difficulties faced by wheelchair users and so we wanted to provide a map that more accurately reflected these needs.”

At  there is also an Audio Tube map, Tube toilet map, a large print Tube map and the Step-Free Tube map.


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Submitting photographs to the Finchley Arrow – new instructions.

Taking photographs to send to the Finchley Arrow

For the time being, please do not zoom in too close to your subject as we have to position the main aspect of the photographs a certain way because of technical problems with our new website which will go “live” within the next week or two. Try also to take some of them in landscape mode.

Preparing your photograph prior to sending in to the Finchley Arrow.

Please don’t crop or reduce your photograph in any way. Our photo-editor will lighten, darken or crop your photograph to enhance it to give you, and us, credit for the picture.

Renaming your photograph.

We would, however, be very grateful if you could rename your photograph from the camera given jumble of letters and numbers to something describing the subject of the picture.

How we exchange photographs within the Finchley Arrow

We use Dropbox a lot on the newspaper as it is the simplest way of sending photographs and files within our newspaper. You can get a free account and, by using the following link, you will get not only the usual free 2GB of cloud storage, but an extra bonus of 256MB of extra storage. Link for free bonus:


As soon as we have managed to fix the problem of our website, we will let you all know, and we can get back to normal.

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